Frequently Asked Questions

Not in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)?

We are currently based in the GTA. If you are not in the GTA, and would still like to help make masks, check out our How It Works tab where you can find information on how to make masks at home with your own materials. Then you can either distribute locally, or ship the masks to us and we can distribute them for you.

How long does it take to stitch 1 mask?

It depends on your level of expertise with a sewing machine, but in general it should take no more than 10-15 minutes to stitch 1 mask.

Are the masks certified?

No, the masks are not certified by any regulatory body. We have based the choice of materials on existing research. Given that each person will contribute their own unique touch to the masks, we do not take any responsibility for the efficacy of these masks. These masks are meant to be used as a last resort in dire need.

Who will the masks be distributed to?

The masks are intended to be used in emergency situations when all other supplies of commercially available, certified masks have run out. As such, we are in talks with various hospitals that are planning to incorporate these masks into their contingency plans. Furthermore, we are also providing these masks to local walk-in clinics, pharmacies and other essential businesses that have run out of their supplies.

Where did the “recipe” of this mask come from?

The “recipe” came from watching various videos just like ours online, and then doing a lot of trial and error ourselves and figuring out the right size, shape and stitching strategy. The choice of material was based off of research studies that investigated the efficacy of home-made materials in these surgical masks.

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